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Brandt's Flour Mill

Annville lies along the Quittapahila Creek, which provided the water power to run the flour mill that still operates at the west end of Queen Street. It's been there for about 275 years now. As kids in the 1950s we used to fish in the water flowing over the little falls by the mill. In those days the water was pretty foul-smelling, and even though the stream was stocked every spring the fish were to be found floating belly up unless you were pretty quick getting there. Besides being flavored with the mill's huskings the water also carried runoff from the Bethlehem Steel plant in Lebanon and who knows what other tasty seasonings. I can't recall ever actually eating any of the fish we caught, which was probably a good thing.

There used to be a bridge crossing the creek at the mill, but it was washed away in a flood in the early '70s and it was never rebuilt, the assumption being, I guess, that eventually the new one would be washed away, too, so why waste the money?